About Us

Rob Wilson

For the last 25 years Rob Wilson has explored the Pagan heritage of Britain. Expressing his deep, raw, rich, vital Pagan spirituality through Druidry. For Rob being a modern-day Animist is about building and deepening our sacred spirit/soul connections to nature; the nature within us and without us. Finding the freedom to allow our soul to sing its story without fear and inhibition. To know the spirit of tree, stone and bones of our ancestors it to take the responsibility of being a priest of nature. Rob shares this wisdom and helps others to express their spirituality creatively, wildly, deeply, all rooted in this sacred land. Being exposed to teachers of various Pagan traditions, Rob has grown and matured through Druidry that he says ‘allows me to live in the mad, intolerant, materialistic 21st century’. Professionally his degree in Geography and Environmental Studies and Psychology has led him to be involved in Environment Education for the young and old, and community outreach work.

Offering consultations for Shamanic Healing, Plant Spirit Dreaming, Ogham Readings, Spiritual Healing, Celebrant and Magical Services from his cottage in Kent Rob is offering an age-old service in a very modern world.

Email: rob@woodspirit.org.uk

Tel: 01732 882986 or Mob: 07860857791


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