The Otherworld through Water

In today’s Pagan and shamanic community, we hear a lot about orientating ourselves within the otherworld through Three Worlds or Realms, the Underworld, Middle world and Upper world. Each having a district feel, function and spirits who dwell there. Psychologically this is a useful metaphor and spirituality allows us to categorise our expected experiences within…

Wild Nature Water Rituals

The water and I co-joined as one; I looked up at the tall oak branches above as the early morning sun’s rays filtered through. I was a live, the water was alive and we flowed as one. I chanted to the trees, Born of Water.

New Home, Wilder Gods

For some time a restlessness was growing within me, seeking a freedom of a wilder land, the chalk hills that had been my home for 20 years where becoming too tame; my inner grove reached via a narrow mountain path and surrounded by pine, rowan, juniper and yew. My new quest was coming, I handed…

Why Ayahuasca and San Pedro? The Search for plant connections

Increasing I’m hearing about folk travelling to the ends of the earth to find ‘connection’ and spiritual ‘enlightenment’ through the ceremonies of drinking Ayahuasca and San Pedro. As someone who works intimately with British plants to achieve the same goals, I’m curious as to what this pull to the amazon, to Peru and these powerful…

Spirits in your land – Local Animism

Knowing the spirits of your own land, knowing the trees, plants, rocks, hills, rain is vital and far more important that reaching for some archetypal concept of deity, or mythological hero or some idolised notion of deeply spiritual ancestral folk to whom you have no sacred relationship too