Spirits in your land – Local Animism

Knowing the spirits of your own land, knowing the trees, plants, rocks, hills, rain is vital and far more important that reaching for some archetypal concept of deity, or mythological hero or some idolised notion of deeply spiritual ancestral folk to whom you have no sacred relationship too


Who am I?

I slipped into last Autumn with a real sense that I had to have time to explore, deepen and re-evaluate my spiritual practice; my path, my craft, my religion, my simple understanding of the harsh reality of a brutal world around me. I suppose part of me rebelled against this, for I was given the…

The British Way

  here is an increasing need among folk to explore a more shamanic path in their spiritual connection to the isles of Britain; I hear folk saying that they are looking for something authentic! The word “Shamanism” tends to lead folk down a particular path of assumptions leading them to the Native Americans, the Amazonian…